Andrew L Evans

Andrew Lovelace Evans was born in 1951 and at the age of 12 he went to the Can-Am race in 1963.That race (proved/turned out) to be the turning point in his life. He (immediatly/instantly) fell in love with cars, especially race cars.He started his career paying dues. He (used/started driving) his own car and handled the infinite administrative specifics involved in racing and (participated in/joined) various events during the 80s and became result driven. He (shifted/moved) to racing when everything went bad for him and it proved to be a good (option/change).

His turnining point turned out to be 1990 when he participated in the International Motor Sports Association. By the Mid 1990s, Andrew L Evans (started/began) (driving/racing) for the (famous/significant) Fereari Motor Sports. Andrew also (appeared/participated/showed up) in various significant racing tracks like dayona and Le Mans found in Florida and France respectively.Andrew did more than just that, he devoloped the Scandia Engineering at Redmond, Washington.Scandia Engineering (specializes/concentrates) in (automotive/vehicle) engines and restoration work dedicated to automotive enthusiasts.

Andrew L Evans always had a soft corner towards Feraris and beleived that they were the best car (manufacturers/developers) out there and he (thought/assumed) that him and Ferrari together could prove to be a winning team.He said, "I think Ferraris are the greatest sports cars on earth--I wouldn’t race anything else." which gives us (solid/sufficient) proof about his love for ferrari.

Andrew had the ability to identify oppertunities and he was also able to make plans and finally execute them. His result driven attitude also contributed to his (victory/success). (Finding/Identifying) a man that possesses all these qualities is (extremely/very) difficult and this became the (sole/significant) reason for his success in his career.In 1995, Andrew led Ferari to victory after 23 years. Ferari's previous victory was in 1972 and this victory was a long awaited one. Andrew tried to duplicate this victory in the following years.Andrew had special qualities which led to his success. Andrew could identify opportunities and had the mind set to work towards them and finally acheive them.

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